Moderate: qemu-kvm (SL6)

Synopsis: Moderate: qemu-kvm security update
Issue Date: 2011-03-10
CVE Numbers: CVE-2011-0011

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for
Linux on AMD64 and Intel 64 systems. qemu-kvm is the user-space component
for running virtual machines using KVM. Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is
a remote display system.

A flaw was found in the way the VNC “password” option was handled. Clearing
a password disabled VNC authentication, allowing a remote user able to
connect to the virtual machines’ VNC ports to open a VNC session without
authentication. (CVE-2011-0011)

All users of qemu-kvm should upgrade to these updated packages, which
contain a backported patch to resolve this issue. After installing this
update, shut down all running virtual machines. Once all virtual machines
have shut down, start them again for this update to take effect.


– Scientific Linux Development Team