rgmanager (SL5)

Synopsis: Low: rgmanager security, bug fix, and enhancement update
Issue Date: 2011-07-21
CVE Numbers: CVE-2010-3389

The rgmanager package contains the Red Hat Resource Group Manager, which
provides the ability to create and manage high-availability server
applications in the event of system downtime.

It was discovered that certain resource agent scripts set the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to an insecure value containing empty
path elements. A local user able to trick a user running those scripts to
run them while working from an attacker-writable directory could use this
flaw to escalate their privileges via a specially-crafted dynamic library.

Red Hat would like to thank Raphael Geissert for reporting this issue.

This update also fixes the following bugs:

* The failover domain “nofailback” option was not honored if a service was
in the “starting” state. This bug has been fixed. (BZ#669440)

* PID files with white spaces in the file name are now handled correctly.

* The /usr/sbin/rhev-check.sh script can now be used from within Cron.

* The clustat utility now reports the correct version. (BZ#654160)

* The oracledb.sh agent now attempts to try the “shutdown immediate”
command instead of using the “shutdown abort” command. (BZ#633992)

* The SAPInstance and SAPDatabase scripts now use proper directory name
quoting so they no longer collide with directory names like “/u”.

* The clufindhostname utility now returns the correct value in all cases.

* The nfsclient resource agent now handles paths with trailing slashes
correctly. (BZ#592624)

* The last owner of a service is now reported correctly after a failover.

* The /usr/share/cluster/fs.sh script no longer runs the “quotaoff” command
if quotas were not configured. (BZ#637678)

* The “listen” line in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file generated by the
Apache resource agent is now correct. (BZ#675739)

* The tomcat-5 resource agent no longer generates incorrect configurations.

* The time required to stop an NFS resource when the server is unavailable
has been reduced. (BZ#678494)

* When using exclusive prioritization, a higher priority service now
preempts a lower priority service after status check failures. (BZ#680256)

* The postgres-8 resource agent now correctly detects failed start
operations. (BZ#663827)

* The handling of reference counts passed by rgmanager to resource agents
now works properly, as expected. (BZ#692771)

As well, this update adds the following enhancements:

* It is now possible to disable updates to static routes by the IP resource
agent. (BZ#620700)

* It is now possible to use XFS as a file system within a cluster service.

* It is now possible to use the “clustat” command as a non-root user, so
long as that user is in the “root” group. (BZ#510300)

* It is now possible to migrate virtual machines when central processing is
enabled. (BZ#525271)

* The rgmanager init script will now delay after stopping services in order
to allow time for other nodes to restart them. (BZ#619468)

* The handling of failed independent subtrees has been corrected.

All users of Red Hat Resource Group Manager are advised to upgrade to this
updated package, which contains backported patches to correct these issues
and add these enhancements.


– Scientific Linux Development Team