initscripts (SL5)

Synopsis: Low: initscripts security and bug fix update
Issue Date: 2012-02-20
CVE Numbers: CVE-2008-1198

The initscripts package contains system scripts to boot your system, change
runlevels, activate and deactivate most network interfaces, and shut the
system down cleanly.

With the default IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) ifup script
configuration, the racoon IKE key management daemon used aggressive IKE
mode instead of main IKE mode. This resulted in the preshared key (PSK)
hash being sent unencrypted, which could make it easier for an attacker
able to sniff network traffic to obtain the plain text PSK from a
transmitted hash. (CVE-2008-1198)

Red Hat would like to thank Aleksander Adamowski for reporting this issue.

This update also fixes the following bugs:

* Prior to this update, the DHCPv6 client was not terminated when the
network service was stopped. This update modifies the source so that the
client is now terminated when stopping the network service. (BZ#568896)

* Prior to this update, on some systems the rm command failed and reported
the error message “rm: cannot remove directory `/var/run/dovecot/login/’:
Is a directory” during system boot. This update modifies the source so that
this error message no longer appears. (BZ#679998)

* Prior to this update, the netconsole script could not discover and
resolve the MAC address of the router specified in the
/etc/sysconfig/netconsole file. This update modifies the netconsole script
so that the script no longer fails when the arping tool returns the MAC
address of the router more than once. (BZ#744734)

* Prior to this update, the arp_ip_target was, due to a logic error, not
correctly removed via sysfs. As a consequence, the error “ifdown-eth: line
64: echo: write error: Invalid argument” was reported when attempting to
shut down a bonding device. This update modifies the script so that the
error no longer appears and arp_ip_target is now correctly removed.

All users of initscripts are advised to upgrade to this updated package,
which fixes these issues.


– Scientific Linux Development Team