Important: icedtea-web (SL6)

Synopsis: Important: icedtea-web security update
Issue Date: 2012-07-31
CVE Numbers: CVE-2012-3422

The IcedTea-Web project provides a Java web browser plug-in and an
implementation of Java Web Start, which is based on the Netx project. It
also contains a configuration tool for managing deployment settings for the
plug-in and Web Start implementations.

An uninitialized pointer use flaw was found in the IcedTea-Web plug-in.
Visiting a malicious web page could possibly cause a web browser using the
IcedTea-Web plug-in to crash, disclose a portion of its memory, or execute
arbitrary code. (CVE-2012-3422)

It was discovered that the IcedTea-Web plug-in incorrectly assumed all
strings received from the browser were NUL terminated. When using the
plug-in with a web browser that does not NUL terminate strings, visiting a
web page containing a Java applet could possibly cause the browser to
crash, disclose a portion of its memory, or execute arbitrary code.

This erratum also upgrades IcedTea-Web to version 1.2.1.

All IcedTea-Web users should upgrade to these updated packages, which
resolve these issues. Web browsers using the IcedTea-Web browser plug-in
must be restarted for this update to take effect.


– Scientific Linux Development Team