gnome-vfs2 (SL5)

Synopsis: Low: gnome-vfs2 security and bug fix update
Issue Date: 2013-01-08
CVE Numbers: CVE-2009-2473

A denial of service flaw was found in the neon Extensible Markup Language (XML)
parser. Visiting a malicious DAV server with an application using gnome-vfs2
(such as Nautilus) could possibly cause the application to consume an excessive
amount of CPU and memory. (CVE-2009-2473)

This update also fixes the following bugs:

* When extracted from the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), gnome-vfs2
returned escaped file paths. If a path, as stored in the URI, contained non-
ASCII characters or ASCII characters which are parsed as something other than a
file path (for example, spaces), the escaped path was inaccurate. Consequently,
files with the described type of URI could not be processed. With this update,
gnome-vfs2 properly unescapes paths that are required for a system call. As a
result, these paths are parsed properly.

* In certain cases, the trash info file was populated by foreign entries,
pointing to live data. Emptying the trash caused an accidental deletion of
valuable data. With this update, a workaround has been applied in order to
prevent the deletion. As a result, the accidental data loss is prevented,
however further information is still gathered to fully fix this problem.

* Due to a wrong test checking for a destination file system, the Nautilus file
manager failed to delete a symbolic link to a folder which was residing in
another file system. With this update, a special test has been added. As a
result, a symbolic link pointing to another file system can be trashed or
deleted properly.

* Prior to this update, when directories without a read permission were marked
for copy, the Nautilus file manager skipped these unreadable directories
without notification. With this update, Nautilus displays an error message and
properly informs the user about the aforementioned problem.

* Previously, gnome-vfs2 used the stat() function calls for every file on the
MultiVersion File System (MVFS), used for example by IBM Rational ClearCase.
This behavior significantly slowed down file operations. With this update, the
unnecessary stat() operations have been limited. As a result, gnome-vfs2 user
interfaces, such as Nautilus, are more responsive.


– Scientific Linux Development Team