mailman (SL6)

Synopsis: Moderate: mailman security and bug fix update
Advisory ID: SLSA-2015:1417-1
Issue Date: 2015-07-22
CVE Numbers: CVE-2015-2775

It was found that mailman did not sanitize the list name before passing it
to certain MTAs. A local attacker could use this flaw to execute arbitrary
code as the user running mailman. (CVE-2015-2775)

It was found that mailman stored private email messages in a world-
readable directory. A local user could use this flaw to read private
mailing list archives. (CVE-2002-0389)

This update also fixes the following bugs:

* Previously, it was impossible to configure Mailman in a way that Domain-
based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) would
recognize Sender alignment for Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM)
signatures. Consequently, Mailman list subscribers that belonged to a mail
server with a “reject” policy for DMARC, such as or,
were unable to receive Mailman forwarded messages from senders residing in
any domain that provided DKIM signatures. With this update, domains with a
“reject” DMARC policy are recognized correctly, and Mailman list
administrators are able to configure the way these messages are handled.
As a result, after a proper configuration, subscribers now correctly
receive Mailman forwarded messages in this scenario.

* Mailman used a console encoding when generating a subject for a “welcome
email” when new mailing lists were created by the “newlist” command.
Consequently, when the console encoding did not match the encoding used by
Mailman for that particular language, characters in the “welcome email”
could be displayed incorrectly. Mailman has been fixed to use the correct
encoding, and characters in the “welcome email” are now displayed

* The “rmlist” command used a hardcoded path to list data based on the
VAR_PREFIX configuration variable. As a consequence, when the list was
created outside of VAR_PREFIX, it was impossible to remove it using the
“rmlist” command. With this update, the “rmlist” command uses the correct
LIST_DATA_DIR value instead of VAR_PREFIX, and it is now possible to
remove the list in described situation.

* Due to an incompatibility between Python and Mailman in Scientific Linux
6, when moderators were approving a moderated message to a mailing list
and checked the “Preserve messages for the site administrator” checkbox,
Mailman failed to approve the message and returned an error. This
incompatibility has been fixed, and Mailman now approves messages as
expected in this scenario.

* When Mailman was set to not archive a list but the archive was not set
to private, attachments sent to that list were placed in a public archive.
Consequently, users of Mailman web interface could list private
attachments because httpd configuration of public archive directory allows
listing all files in the archive directory. The httpd configuration of
Mailman has been fixed to not allow listing of private archive directory,
and users of Mailman web interface are no longer able to list private


– Scientific Linux Development Team