Get Involved

Depending on your skill set and available time there are a number of ways to get involved.

Anyone can do these tasks in a very short time

If you have 20 minutes

  • Please test any packages we’ve announced to the sl-testing repo and report back. “Works for me” is great feedback when its true! “Doesn’t work for me” is very valuable as, if it made it into sl-testing we expect it works and need to know this.

If you have 2 hours

  • While we are building the next release, we need people to test. Join scientific-linux-devel and simply perform an installation of the ‘rolling’ release. “Works for me” is great feedback when it’s true! “Doesn’t work for me” is very valuable for helping make SL better.

How to test SL

Packages in sl-testing

Every Scientific Linux system has an ‘sl-testing’ yum repo.  To test a package simply run the following command:

yum --enablerepo=sl-testing update 


New Releases

When new version of Scientific Linux is in development we will publish updates under the ‘rolling’ tree and announce them to the Scientific Linux Development list.  You can test the release by pointing your yum repos at the rolling tree or by installing from any provided iso files.

The exact process for your yum repos varies between the SL releases and somewhat dependent on your local system configuration.