Customize SL For Your Site

We believe that it should be easy to make a custom version of Scientific Linux for your site. We call this a “spin” in keeping with the Fedora nomenclature, but it may also be called a “site” by community members.

Making a SL 7 Context

For SL7 we recommend making a Scientific Linux Context.  Detailed instructions are published with our official contexts.

Making a Respin of SL 6

  1. Start with a machine installed with SL6 (or compatible) with the same arch as the distribution you want to build. For x86_64 you will need an x86_64 system, for i386 you will need an i386 system.
  2. Install the revisor tools from the Scientific Linux Addons repository
    yum --enablerepo=sl-addons install revisor-cli sl-revisor-config livecd-tools
    Edit configuration files and/or kickstart files listed below. You can change them so that they pull the packages from a different repository, have more or fewer packages on the image, or anything else you can do with a normal kickstart.NOTE: You must have anaconda as one of your packages in the kickstart, or select anaconda in the graphical package selection page or this will not be an installable image.

    • /etc/revisor/conf.d/revisor-sl6-i386.conf
    • /etc/revisor/conf.d/revisor-sl6-i386-updates.conf
    • /etc/revisor/conf.d/revisor-sl6-x86_64.conf
    • /etc/revisor/conf.d/revisor-sl6-x86_64-updates.conf
    • /etc/revisor/SL6/ks/sl6.everything.ks
    • /etc/revisor/SL6/ks/sl6.match.tuv.install.dvd.i386.ks
    • /etc/revisor/SL6/ks/sl6.match.tuv.install.dvd.x86_64.ks
    • /etc/revisor/SL6/ks/sl6.all.groups.ks
    • /etc/revisor/SL6/ks/sl6.small.ks
  4. Run revisor to create your DVD
    To make the official SL release we run:

    revisor --cli --install-dvd --install-tree --model=sl6-$(uname -i) --kickstart=/etc/revisor/SL6/ks/sl6.match.tuv.install.dvd.$(uname -i).ks

    This produces the Install DVD image (.iso) in /srv/revisor/.

Custom Installation Types

You can create custom installation types to replace items like “Desktop”, “Minimal Desktop”, or “Basic Server” by following these steps.

  1. Edit the file /etc/revisor/SL6/build/scripts/product/installclasses/ Change the “tasks” section however you would like.
  2. Run the /etc/revisor/SL6/build/scripts/ script.
  3. Build your image as described above.