Scientific Linux is a community project. Our official community involvement starts with the Scientific Linux Mailing Lists.

List participants are expected to conduct themselves in considerate, respectful, and honest manner.

If you need help, ask. If you can help, please do so respectfully.

Interactive Lists

A mailing list for Scientific Linux users worldwide.
Use this list  if you need help with or have questions about Scientific Linux. List Archives
This is a mailing list to talk about development ideas.
This list is for conversation about how to make the distribution better, debate about package inclusion, or other distribution development topics. This is not a place for general questions. List Archives

Announcement Lists

A very low volume list that only announces items of interest to the whole Scientific Linux community – such as new releases or scheduled downtime. List Archives
Package updates are announced here.
Anyone with a Scientific Linux system should subscribe to this list for information about security updates. List Archives
Mirroring announcements.
This list is for announcing changes that may affect mirror sites. These announcements primarily consist of notices about significant updates to the distribution that may cause large downloads for full mirrors. Anyone mirroring Scientific Linux publicly or privately should be subscribed to this low volume list. List Archives

To Subscribe

Send an email to with the following body

subscribe <listname>

so, for example if you wanted to subscribe to Scientific-Linux-Errata you would send

subscribe scientific-linux-errata

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