FAQ: Community

How do you feel about upstream (aka TUV)?

We love them!

How do you feel about other rebuilds?

We believe any rebuild that gives back to upstream and does not seek to harm their business is our friend. Upstream has given freely to us, we should honour that gift. We ask that all friends seek to help each other by providing suggestions to resolve issues rather than attacking others for their problems. In that spirit we publish our internal tools for the benefit of the rebuild community.

How do I get involved?

We have a whole page dedicated to this question, check it out!

What should I do if I find an error on the website?

Your best bet is to post the mistake to the Scientific Linux User’s list found on our Community Page.

I’ve found a bug / got a patch. What do I do now?

Thanks for taking the time to research the problem! The best way to get the bug fixed/patch applied, is to make sure the right people have it. For packages we (as in Scientific Linux) make, send the patch to the SCIENTIFIC-LINUX-DEVEL list. There are not very many packages in that category. For security related issues please contact the SL developer listed within the RPM changelog.

Most of our packages come from TUV. From our side we try not to deviate very much from what our upstream provider is doing. Our hope is that by following them closely we reduce the possible problems our users encounter. But this can lead to some tension in the application of patches, particularly patches that fix problems. In general we don’t apply patches to upstream packages.

One of the best ways we can give back to our upstream providers is fixes or bug reports. Right now our commitment to improving SL, assisting upstream in fixes, and generally trying to give back to the Linux community at large gives us pause before applying any patch for upstream packages which doesn’t have an associated bugzilla number. They’ve given us so much, we want to try and give back where we can and help encourage others to do so in the spirit of the open source movement.